Full-bridge circuit Strain and Water Level Data Logger

Full-bridge circuit Strain and Water Level Data LoggerNetLG-401NE

Expandable data logger with proven utility in various fields

The instrument is connected to a 4-gauge 350Ω strain gauge sensor (strain gauge converter). It is a data logger that measures the data from the sensor at specified recording intervals and records it in the internal memory.
It is simple, lightweight and compact in appearance, integrating the functions necessary for data logging.

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■Expansion unit
The 10-channel expansion unit (401N+) allows easy addition of measurement channels.

■Applicable to thermocouple measurement
This instrument allows easy multipoint temperature measurement as all the measurement channels can be used for data transfer from type-K, N, J and T thermocouples.

■Versatile alarm function
The setting of four alarm limits on each channel allows a wide variety of alarm settings including step-wise alarm issuance.

■Powered by a commercially-available battery
This instrument can be operated for data sampling at one-hour intervals for approx. seven months with a commercially-available lithium battery (CR123A).

■Compatible with SD cards
Data may be collected to an SD card without a NetCT-1 network controller.

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