Water Level Data Logger

Water Level Data LoggerNetLG-001NE

A Data Logger with not only a water level measurement function, but also a strengthened alarm function

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■Versatile alarm function
A user can set up to four water level alarm limits, each of which is either upper or lower limit, (with hysteresis) and, thus, develop a four-step alarm system with this instrument, which is also equipped with a set of contact output terminals.

■A wide variety of monitoring functions
This instrument is equipped with not only a function to display three types of water level, namely, actual water level, groundwater level and water level elevation, but also functions to monitor power supply voltage, to diagnose breakage and short-circuit of sensor cables and to measure input resistance, which enable early detection of and quick responses to malfunction of the instrument and the sensor.

■Low-power-consumption design
Our original low-power-consumption design enables operation of the instrument for approx. one year with a single main lithium battery (in the case of the one-hour recording interval). With the use of the auxiliary battery, the instrument can be operated for approx. 2 years without replacing batteries.

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