Precipitation Data Logger

Precipitation Data LoggerNetLG-201E

High quality solutions for disaster prevention monitoring

This product has been developed to easily and accurately collect rainfall data via a network using a tipping bucket rain gauge.
It contains all the functions necessary for logging data. Operation is simple and it has a light, compact external appearance.

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➀ Lightweight and Compact
Light weight and portable for easy installation. Mounting plate included.

② Low Power Consumption
Using our specially developed low power consumption circuitry, the logger can operate for long periods on its in-built lithium battery or an external power supply.

③ Extended Data Collection
Collected data is stored in high-capacity internal memory. Around four years of rainfall data can be stored if annual precipitation is 1,900 mm.

④ Alarm Output Function
A signal can be sent to sound an alarm when hourly, daily, accumulated, or effective accumulated rainfall reaches user-defined settings.

⑤ Environmental Durability
A surge protector is present on all circuit inputs to combat static electricity and foreign noise. Operational stability can be maintained over a wide temperature range.

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