Local disaster prevention | Rainfall measurement and alarm system

Purpose of installation
An autonomously managed and voluntary evacuation initiative not relying on government
A private General Hospital that was designated as a prefectural disaster prevention model hospital

パケット通信機NetMAIL-1を利用したLocal disaster prevention | Rainfall measurement and alarm system

Status and Issues

There is a nationally designated disaster warning area near the hospital building, so the company’s rainfall measurement and alarm system was introduced in order to establish an autonomous disaster countermeasure plan and evacuation plan.

System Details

図:Local disaster prevention | Rainfall measurement and alarm system

The rainfall meter was installed on the hospital roof, and when heavy rainfall exceeding a predetermined amount is detected, the information is sent to the personal computer or the mobile phone of the persons responsible, to inform them of the danger. In this way the patients of the hospital and the hospital staff can be quickly evacuated to the upper floors to ensure safety.

In addition to enabling medical treatment to be carried out at the hospital with ease of mind, the information is also transmitted to the nearby residents, thereby contributing to the safety of the locality.

This initiative for safety and security and not relying on the government was reported in television programs and has attracted attention.

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