Expressway slope surface monitoring system

Purpose of installation
To provide an easy to understand and efficient monitoring system to determine the status of deformation on planar sloping surfaces


It is difficult to check the status of the top of sloping surfaces of cuttings from the road during patrols for maintenance.

Stopping the patrol car on the side of the road and climbing to the top of the slope takes time, and it is also necessary to take into consideration the passing vehicles.


Proposal of a remote system for maintenance using slope sensors with wireless devices


Many sites can be efficiently managed with a small number of personnel, the status of deformation can be promptly determined, thereby enabling countermeasures to be promptly taken.

Status of installation

Photo:Communication equipment and other equipments

Communication equipment and other equipments

Photo:Multi-point type ground surface inclinometer

Multi-point type ground surface inclinometer

Photo:Load meter and other equipments

Load meter and other equipments

Photo:Extensometer and other equipments

Extensometer and other equipments

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