Landslide automatic monitoring system

Shizuoka Prefecture
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Photo:Landslide automatic monitoring system

Status and Issues

Fissures were found in tea fields on terraced plains

Government decided that there was a high possibility of blockage of the river due to landslide and damage affecting the local residents, so it was decided to introduce the company’s monitoring system.

Three days after discovery of the fissures, engineers arrived on site, constructed the monitoring system in a few days, and started operation.


As a result of commencement of operation of the monitoring system at an early stage, it was possible to obtain measurement values from an early stage of the deformation, and accurately determine the degree of hazard. Sharing information smoothly with relevant parties using the company’s cloud service was useful for issuing evacuation warning in the surrounding areas, which contributed to zero human casualties.

Main functions and features

Short delivery period

Highly mobile and small size communication systems and various measuring devices are produced as products.

No electrical power supply needed

The design is based on continuous operation using batteries or solar panels, so the installation locations do not have to be selected.

The company’s own cloud service was provided

The measurement values of the instruments on site can be checked anywhere provided there is Internet environment, so it can be widely used for disaster prevention activities.

System Details

Photo:Status of installation

Status of installation

Photo:Status of installation

Status of installation

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